Sanctuary Planet Manifesto

A Global Sanctuary Movement for the Time of Trump

What does it mean to be on a sanctuary campus that is in a sanctuary city that is part of a sanctuary state? We discuss the origins and contemporary expressions of sanctuary, and call for a Global Sanctuary Collective to harness the moral outrage in the face of the words and actions of President Trump against undocumented immigrants, refugees, and other minorities and vulnerable populations. Moral outrage brought over 5 million protesters to the streets around the world on the weekend of Trump’s inauguration, and then to main airports around the country protesting the travel ban against refugees and people from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Moral outrage is leading to rekindling protest and protection of vulnerable populations, and sanctuary is taking different shapes and forms across the US. In addition to exploring the origin of the sanctuary movement in the US and some of its theoretical underpinnings, we discuss the role of collective action, personal stories, and artistic expressions that are part of the new sanctuary movement. We suggest a manifesto for a Global Sanctuary Collective to defend the rights of refugees and undocumented immigrants, and immigrants from any nationality, race or religion. The new Global Sanctuary Collective builds on and expands the work of faith-based organizations, where sanctuary began, and calls on the creative forces of all people to turn moral outrage into protection of the vulnerable, protest against injustice, creative expression of human values and dignity, and action for social justice.